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Are you interested in starting a club? Check out our resources below in order to learn how to submit your application

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How to start a club

If you are interested in starting a club, click the link below to view our guide. You must complete all of your paperwork BEFORE submitting your complete application. 


Club Advisors checklist

Remember that in order to start your club, you must have a faculty staff member to advise you. Access the link below to view the Advisor Check list which contains important information regarding funds, finances, and specific club regulations.

Club Budget Template

Does your club plan to fundraise money or sell items? If so, click the link below to see a template for your club budget. 

Club Meeting Minutes Template

At any club meetings regarding new fundraisers/ events, please fill out meeting minutes for your club before submitting fundraiser requests to ensure your club is prepared and has all of the necessary components before applying: 

Fundraising request form

Interested in hosting a fundraiser? Grab a fundraising request form from the ASB room and submit it no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event, and be sure to understand all of the instructions before submitting this form. 

Fundraising  Tally Sheet

To record your fundraising at this event, please fill out the Fundraising Tally Sheet below to keep track of your funds, items, and any notes: 

revenue analysis form

At the conclusion of your fundraiser, submit the revenue Analysis form to the Finance Office within one week: 

 Requisition form

If your club needs to reimburse another member/organization after the fundraiser/event, please fill out the requisition form below as soon as possible: 


Need help? 

Have questions?

Do you need help with your Club Application or have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us! 

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