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Scroll through this page to read about all of our clubs and find out how you can join!

Use the menu on the right to navigate between the different clubs.

3d printing club

Topics include: CAD with Fusion 360, 3D Modeling with Blender, and 3D Printing Basics (more topics may be added in the future). Members can choose which topics to participate in, as all topics are optional. Our leaders are Carter Johnson and Thomas Trousdale: both are seniors with printing/modeling experience. Any student can join, and we encourage that you at least come once to check us out if you're interested. This club should be extra beneficial if you are enrolled in any of SRHS' engineering courses, as we provide bonus opportunities for using the same software and techniques taught in those classes. We meet every Monday at lunch in room 700!!

Academic League

Academic league club

academic League.jpg

Academic League is a trivia competition/ quizbowl club based around academic subjects (Think Jeopardy). We compete locally with many different schools, and often there is free food at competitions. It's also good for college applications. Tryouts are only open to freshmen, but once you get in, you get to stay in the club for the rest of high school! Tryouts will be in the fall, so keep an eye out for the interest form.

Aerospace Engineering

Art den club

We want to gather artistic individuals to learn about past art eras and techniques such as color theory. RM428 every other Monday easy.


circle of friends club

Every other Tuesday at B16, join Children of Tomorrow in a variety of children's needs-based philanthropy activities, from material donation drives to card events! Learn about different ways and opportunities to volunteer within your community as well, and how to make a positive change in our world even without using money.

debate club

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 11.08.26 PM.png

SRHS Debate Club is dedicated to providing students the opportunity to practice developing sound and logical arguments, encouraging students to speak in front of an audience and think on their feet, and nurture future leaders. SRHS Debate team attends tournaments at the regional, state, and national level. SRHS Debate Team is a club for all students, regardless of political belief. Take initiative and join debate!

Falcon Playhouse
Female Empowerment Club
Food Bank Club

future business leaders of america (fbla) Club

Future Teaches of America
Garden Club

gidas club

Through Genes And Diseases And Symptoms (GIDAS) club, you can learn about genetics, and how to use computational biology tools such as GEO2R, STRING-db, OMIM, and KEGG. Club members will be able to conduct their own research and write an abstract. They will also have the opportunity to present their abstract at an online research conference in June along with other high schoolers from around the country. No experience is necessary to join! We meet every other Friday in room 651!

Harry Potter
Homeless Outreach
Investment Club

japanese national honors society club


Math club

If you have any questions, reach out to us by clicking one of the buttons below:

Math Club
Mock Trial
Model UN

National honors society club


National Oceans Sciences Bowl (NOSB) club

Peer Tutoring
Philosophy Club
Pre-Med Club
Rock Climbing Club
Science Olympiad

 smash bros

Super Smash Bros 1.jpeg
Social Justice Club
Spanish Club

Srhs amnesty international club

SRHS Covers For Lives

SRHS Girl UP Club

If you have any questions, reach out to us at: 

SRHS Girl Up
SRHS Red Cross Club
Youth Care Club

the lighthouse initiative vlub

Vietnamese Student Association

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