Updates from Dr. Lawson: March 28th, 2021

Posted March 28th, 2021 via the Weekly Parent Letter -- updates on returning to school, upcoming schedules, college and career series, and articulation confirmations.


Parent Message 3-28-21

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Dear Falcon Families,

Thank you all for your diligence in completing the Instructional Model Survey. During this time, we are giving families a window to verify survey results and request changes if needed. Because of this, we do not yet have a final decision on whether students will be returning to onsite learning four days per week or two days per week. We will have the data to make that decision during the week of April 5th. I will share out as soon as a decision is made. Until then, we are setting up classrooms and preparing for our onsite return on April 12th. Included in this update is a reminder of how to verify your instructional model survey results, the schedule for the week of April 5th, the schedule for Fridays after April 12th, some counseling updates and more. Today also marks the beginning of Spring Break so I will write this update to include the week of April 5th as well. If important information comes out this week I will be sure to share it, otherwise, my next update will be the week of April 5th. I hope families get a chance to relax and have some fun during this Spring Break. Here are the latest updates as of 3-28-21

* Please forward this message to your child’s email account so they have all the latest info.

Verifying Your Instructional Model Choice Survey - Reminder

*You do not need to complete the Google Form if your student is listed as the correct instructional model choice.

We have added an “advisory” class to each student’s schedule. This will act as a non-academic placeholder with either Vice Principal Parra (online) or Vice Principal Hines (hybrid) as the teacher. The room number will read “hybrid” or “online.” You can view your child’s schedule, through the PowerSchool Parent Portal, to ensure we have your child for the correct instructional model choice. Here are examples (advisory class is on the bottom):

Link: Online Student

Link: Hybrid Student

If your child is listed for the incorrect choice, please complete this Google Form: Instructional Model Choice Change to request a change. We will then go into the survey and change it for you during the week of April 5th. Once the change is made, it will be reflected in the classroom number of your student's "advisory" section.

Stable Group Update

We want to wait to give families a chance to verify and request a change to their instructional model choice before we make a decision of students returning onsite 2 or 4 days per week. I will share this information the week of April 5th when we finalize our numbers.

Schedule for the week of April 5th

Essentially, this schedule is the same bell schedule we have had all year with 40 minutes of synchronous time as opposed to 74 minutes. Teachers are free to teach for the full 74-minute period if they choose to. See this Link: Week of April 5th for a visual.

Overall Bell Schedule beginning April 12th

See this Link: SRHS Overall Bell Schedule for the schedule beginning April 12th. This was the same one I shared during the Phase 2 Virtual Family Forum.

Friday Schedule – beginning April 12th

Similar to the week of April 5th, Friday’s we are following the same bell schedule with 10 min synchronous time as opposed to 74 minutes. Teachers are free to teach for the full 74-minute period. See this Link: Friday’s Beginning April 12th for a visual.

Families in Need of a Thermometer - Reminder

Per the safety guidelines, students are expected to take their temperature every day before coming onto campus. To support those families who do not have access to a thermometer at home, San Diego Unified School District, with our Nursing and Wellness Department, is conducting a distribution of digital thermometers. These thermometers were donated to the district for distribution to families. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that families have access to thermometers to monitor health and detect illness early. The company donating the thermometers would like to collect data to track trends in illness. More information will be included with the thermometers. Thermometers are free of charge for families while supplies last. The team will distribute one thermometer per family. If you are in need of a thermometer, please complete this Google Form: Thermometer Needs

Wednesday College Series

The Wednesday College Series this Wednesday, April 7th from 1-1:25pm will feature admissions counselors from Drew University, Rider University, University of Alaska, and University of Oklahoma. To register for this meeting, please complete this Google Form: Wednesday College Series 2020-21. Please do not register using your sandi.net email, please use another email address. A zoom link will be emailed to you the morning of April 7th.

Counseling Updates

Quarter 3 ends on Friday, April 9th, the week we return from Spring Break. Please encourage your student to check their grades through student portal and if items are missing, have them make up any work that is still being accepted.

Counselor Availability

Counselors will be off during the break and looking forward to being back on campus supporting our students soon! Prior to students returning on April 12th, we will release updated information about how we can be reached during this new hybrid learning environment.

Articulation Updates

The articulation process of accepting course requests for next year has been completed. Any student who did not upload their class requests into the Student Portal, had them completed by their counselor. Counselors also corrected any errors made by students while inputting requests, including changing courses if a student did not meet the prerequisite. At this time, we are no longer addressing class change requests. Near the end of the school year, there will be a google form made available for students to request a level change in a core subject academic course, e.g. English, math, science and history. This will be important for students who have not met a prerequisite for a course and have raised their grade to become eligible in Q3/Q4. There will be an opportunity to request elective class changes during Kick-Off; if the student meets the prerequisite, there is room in the class and it fits in the student’s schedule, then we will make the change at that time.

Senior Students:

Grad Speeches and National Anthem Auditions: As we near the end of the school year, we are looking for seniors who would like to be considered to address the Class of 2021 with a speech at graduation. There will be an opportunity for seniors to audition to perform the national anthem at graduation as well. Click here for more information about guidelines and due dates. Please share this information with your senior student.

Interested in attending Miramar next year: Miramar College Outreach and School Relations will be hosting a Pre-Enrollment Workshop, April 14th at 1:30, for all seniors interested in attending Miramar College this upcoming Fall 2021. Please click on the link to register. https://tinyurl.com/bt3wn428

Final Transcript Requests: By mid-April we will release information for how students can request Final Transcripts to send to their one chosen college to attend next year. Some colleges may also ask for progress grades on a transcript when accepting their admissions offer. We will share how to request those transcripts as well.

Picking up Classroom Materials

For students who need to pick up classroom materials, see this Link: Item Pick-up for the dates and the protocol.

That’s all for today. I wish everyone a wonderful Spring Break.


Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Scripps Ranch High School