Updates from Dr. Lawson: December 6th, 2020

Posted December 6th, 2020 via the Weekly Parent Letter - updates on P2 Quarter 2 Grades, Phase 2 reopening date, CIF Sports, and Senior Graduation.


Parent Message 12-6-20

Dear Falcon Families,

I hope you enjoyed a safe and restful Thanksgiving break with your families. This week we received some big news about the postponement of Phase 2 reopening as well as the postponement of the special “Season 1” of athletics. I’ll share those details below. This past Friday, the P2 grading period concluded. P2 grades will be available to view through PowerSchool by Friday, December 11th. Here are the latest updates as of 12-6-20.

* Please forward this message to your child’s email account so they have all the latest info. ASB will also include blurbs from my weekly messages on their social media @scrippsranchasb.

P2 Quarter 2 Grades

This past Friday marked the end of the progress report grading period for Quarter 2. Progress report, Quarter 2 grades will be available to view on Friday, December 11th via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Due to the school closure, report cards will not be sent home.

Update on SDUSD Reopening Plan

The Phase 2 reopening, tentatively scheduled for January 25th, has been postponed. See this Link: SDUSD Reopening Update as of 12-1-20 for details.

CIF Sports Update

The CIF special “Season 1” of athletics, tentatively scheduled to begin December 12th, has been postponed. See this Link: Memo from CIF on 12-1-20 for details.

Wednesday College Series

The Wednesday College Series this Wednesday, December 9th from 1-1:25pm will feature admission counselors from Antioch College, Marist College, and the University of Alabama. To register for this meeting, please complete this Google Form: Wednesday College Series 2020-21. Please do not register using your sandi.net email, please use another email address. A Zoom link will be emailed to you the morning of December 9th.


Graduation Gown Color

I apologize for not communicating this information earlier. It was my understanding that families were aware of the decision to change the graduation gown color. This message is to ensure all families have this information.

Over the last 2 years there have been discussions with numerous stakeholders centered on our Falcon Pride program and what it means to be a Falcon. Discussions led to how important it is to emphasize that we are all Falcons together, one community, unifying under the common goal of successful student outcomes. Within these discussions, Scripps Ranch High’s tradition of students graduating in white robes and blue robes arose. The blue and white color robe tradition, while enjoyed by some, was also a divisive issue causing a lot of stress, anxiety and anguish during a time when graduates should be celebrating their numerous achievements. Because of this, the decision was made that at Scripps Ranch High, students will graduate wearing one color robe. That color will be the color cardinal. Students will still be able to celebrate their academic success, or “distinction,” through regalia items such as stoles or cords. Per SDUSD guidelines, graduating with academic distinction is defined as students graduating with a weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher for all courses taken during their 10th, 11th and first semester of 12th grade. These students will be able to celebrate this achievement by wearing a cord at graduation. Further details about graduation regalia will be shared at a later date.

Class of 2021 Senior Banner

Hey Seniors! ASB is working on creating a banner to honor our senior class of 2021 and we need your help! If you could please fill out the following information and submit a picture of yourself to be printed on our banner we would really appreciate it! Our mission is to have every senior represented on our banner so please spread the word! Thank you!

To complete the information and submit a picture, please complete this Google Form: Class of 2021 Senior Banner.

Counseling Updates

Academic Supports For Students:

Teachers are a great resource to reach out to during class, after class, during flex time and via email. There is also peer tutoring offered Monday thru Friday, 1:00 P.M.- 2:00 P.M. If a student wants assistance from a peer tutor, please have them complete this Google Form: Peer Tutor Assistance and they will be matched with a tutor.


If your student has any college applications due between December 15th –January 8th and they need a transcript or additional school forms (e.g. counselor recommendation, counselor letter of recommendation, school report, etc.) they must order them now. Remember school staff is also off during winter break, so they cannot count that time towards the two-week minimum notice.

*Note: CSU & UC schools do NOT want a transcript or additional school forms during the initial application process. If a student is using the Common Application they MUST request the transcript on Naviance AND complete the request form for additional school items in order to get their transcript and other items sent.https://www.srhscounseling.com/transcript-requests

Transcripts & Letters of Recommendation Requests: If students have already requested for letters of recommendation to be sent by their teacher and add more colleges at a later date, they will need to email the teachers to let them know they would like them to forward their letter.

California State Universities (CSU) have extended their application to December 15thhttps://www2.calstate.edu/apply

Picking up Textbooks or Classroom Materials

For students who still need to pick up textbooks or classroom materials, see this Link: Item Pick-up for the dates and the protocol.

That’s all for today. Have a great week!


Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Scripps Ranch High School