Updates From Dr. Lawson: August 22nd, 2021

Posted on August 22nd, 2021 via the weekly Parent Newsletter -- Updates on Falcon PRIDE Day, Kickoff, counseling requests, and back to school.


Parent Message 8-22-21

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Dear Falcon Families,

I hope you are having a good weekend. This coming week is the last official week of summer vacation before we begin school on Monday, August 30th. We’re excited to get back and have a great school year. As a reminder, tomorrow (Monday, August 23rd), we have our first ever Falcon Pride Day for our 9th graders. That will be followed on Tuesday, August 24th with the 9th grade Kickoff Event. I’ve included highlights of the safety guidelines, the schedule for the first week of school, and some counseling updates below. Here are the latest updates as of 8-22-21.

* Please forward this message to your child’s email account so they have all the latest info.

Reminder: Falcon Pride Day Details for 9th Grade Students

Freshman: August 23rd & August 24th: This year’s Freshman class is invited to our first ever Falcon Pride Day. Falcon Pride Day is an event designed specifically for our incoming Freshmen students as a “bridging” into high school. Students will visit five stations throughout the day, each representing our SRHS Falcon Pride moniker: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence. While at these stations, students will have the opportunity to meet and learn from some of our exemplary upperclassmen students and make their first memories together at SRHS! Falcon Pride day is Monday, August 23rd from 8:30am – 1:15pm. See this Link: Falcon Pride Day for the full details. On Tuesday, August 24th from 8 – 11am Freshman students will attend the traditional Kickoff event to pick up their books, purchase items, etc. Due to scheduling conflicts, Freshman students will not take their picture or pick up their school ID during the August 24th Kickoff event. Students will have an opportunity to take their picture and receive their school ID the second week of September.

Safety Information

This is similar to what I sent out last week. I have included all of the information again as a reminder and also indicated sections that have been updated to make it easy for you to see. San Diego Unified School District is following the guidelines of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This is the latest safety information as of today, August 22nd. The comprehensive details for students can be found here: Link: School Health and Safety Guidelines – I’ll highlight some key details below:

Student Site Access Guide

Every morning at home, students should fill out the daily symptom checklist. See this Link: ClearPass for Students for a “cheat sheet” that will allow your student to quickly sign up for ClearPass and access it every day. If your student answers “yes” to any symptoms they need to stay home. Please note, screening onsite and verification of screening are no longer required, so students will not be required to show their ClearPass green “check” before they enter classrooms or events.

Face masks must be worn at all times when indoors. Face masks can be removed outdoors.

Extra face masks will be provided by the school site when needed.

There will be extra handwashing stations and hand sanitizers around campus and in classrooms, please remind your students to cleanse their hands when entering and exiting a room, using the restroom, touching their face, or putting on/removing their face masks.

If your student develops any COVID-like symptoms during the school day, they will be placed in a supervised waiting area separate from the health office until they are picked up. Please plan to have someone available to pick up the student from school quickly if they develop symptoms. They will be able to return to school based on a decision tree designed by the county public health department.

If your student has a history of COVID-19 infection, please check with your doctor to see if there are any Recess/PE or Sports activity restrictions that must be followed. It is the parent responsibility to communicate any activity restrictions to the school site.


Spacing both indoors and outdoors is no longer required. Classrooms can be full at 36 students with no spacing requirements.


While indoors, students and adults must wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status. While outdoors, no masks are needed.


At this time, there are no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for students or staff.


When eating meals outside, there are no restrictions. When eating meals inside (such as on rainy days or during tutoring), adults and students must distance as much as possible (there is no specific definition of “as much as possible”).

Athletic Guidelines

See this Link: Athletics COVID Guidance as of 8-11-21.

Physical Education/AFJROTC Guidelines

Distancing is no longer required

Students and staff wear masks indoors

Students and staff are not required to wear masks outdoors

Locker room use and dressing out can resume as long as masks are worn indoors

If a student contracts COVID, the site will follow the school/district policy

If a student’s parent and physician request a modified program because of the possibility of COVID-related cardiac muscle issues (which can occur after a COVID infection), a temporary modified program should be developed by the PE teacher in collaboration with the District Doctor and Nursing & Wellness

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA – band, theatre, dance) - Updated

See this Link: VAPA Guidelines.

Testing Updates and Proof of Vaccination – Updated

Except for those who provide proof of full vaccination, all employees and high school student athletes are expected to participate in the district’s weekly COVID testing program. Weekly testing will also be offered to all students. Employees need to submit their proof of vaccination to the district office while student athletes can submit their proof of vaccination (a card, a verifiable document, a picture of the card, etc.) to their coaches directly.

  • Weekly asymptomatic testing teams will come to every school site. Schedules will be emailed to administrators. Schedule is TBD (last year it was every Wednesday at SRHS).

  • Symptomatic testing may be available for students and staff who are experiencing COVID symptoms.

  • Testing for students and staff who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID case may be available.

  • Link: SDUSD Testing Website

Contact Tracing

The contact tracing process will remain the same as it was last year. The SDUSD Nursing and Wellness department will work with public officials to contact trace if a staff or student who is COVID positive during a school event has close contact with others. Those deemed as a close contact will be contacted and asked to quarantine.

When to Quarantine - Updated

There are different guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated adults/students:

Unvaccinated – Adult/student who was in close contact (within 6-feet for 15-min or more total in a day) with someone who was infectious for COVID. Regardless of symptoms, unvaccinated staff member must quarantine.

Vaccinated - Adult/student who was in close contact (within 6-feet for 15-min or more total in a day) with someone who was infectious for COVID and is symptomatic must quarantine. Vaccinated adult/student with no symptoms does not have to quarantine.

Modified Quarantine - Some students may be eligible for “in-school” modified quarantine if they were close contacts from a school case, they have no symptoms and can get tested twice per week.


Similar to last Spring, each classroom and office is equipped with 2 portable air purifiers with HEPA filters to ensure the safety of students and staff.


Multiple handwashing stations are set up on campus to ensure students and staff have ample opportunities to wash their hands. Hand sanitizer will also be provided in every classroom.

Transportation - Updated

All students and staff riding the school bus are required to wear a face mask that completely covers their nose and mouth for the duration of the trip.

Health and Safety Training

See the Link: Parent Learning Menu on the following topics:

Enhanced sanitation practices

Proper use, removal, and washing of face masks

Screening practices

How COVID-19 is spread

COVID-19 specific symptom identification

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick, including the importance of not coming to school if you have symptoms.

Schedule for First Week of School and Directions for First Day of School

Link: First Week of School Schedule 2021-22. If a student does not have a class during Period 1 and can access their schedule on PowerSchool, they do not have to attend advisory during the first day of school. Teachers will be instructed to not take attendance during Advisory on the first day of school.

Counseling Updates

Schedule Change & Error Correction Requests

Once your student has reviewed their current tentative course schedule in PowerSchool, if they see an error, e.g., missing class, duplicate class, wrong grade level class, etc., or would like to request a course change, they must complete the Fall 2021 Course Change Form found on the counseling website (srhscounseling.com). Counselors will not be able to accept class change requests via email. Forms will be made available on the assigned Kick-off date for each grade level and all forms will be due by 10:00 P.M. on 8/24/21. Counselors will be working on class change requests, errors and balancing classes until the first day of school. Therefore, student schedules (periods and teachers) could change. Please do not contact your counselor for confirmation of changes. Confirmation of changes made due to balancing, correcting errors or course change requests, will be visible in PowerSchool on the first day of school. Counselors will review ALL submissions and will make changes when possible.

Counseling Communication

The counselors and the counseling secretary (Sandy Kish) have already started sending messages to students through their sandi.net email account. Please make sure your student checks their student email account daily for important messages from the school.

That’s all for today. I will send out another update next Sunday to make sure you have all of the information you need to start school on Monday, August 30th. Thank you!


Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Scripps Ranch High School