Special Update for Students Returning on Campus

Are you returning on campus for Hybrid Learning? If so, please read the announcements below from Dr. Lawson for resources and details.

Parent Acknowledgement Google Form – Mandatory Before Students Return Onsite

All “hybrid” families need to read and electronically sign this Google Form: Parent Acknowledgement of Onsite Instruction Option prior to entry to Scripps Ranch High. Completion of this acknowledgment is mandatory for onsite learning. Until your family submits the form, you will continue with off-site instruction and will not be allowed onsite. Please check with your parents to ensure that this form is submitted!

Video for “Hybrid” Students

This past Wednesday we filmed a video sharing what hybrid learning will look like once you return to campus on Monday. We covered items like ClearPass, parking, entry onto campus, passing periods, entering/exiting classrooms, etc. This video is very important to watch if you are returning on campus, as there are essential protocol instructions and a campus tour featured at the end. Click this link to watch the Phase 2 video for Hybrid Students.


Below is a map for the location of the different parking lots and buildings on campus:

Remember, any classroom number beginning with a B (ex: B12 or B6), is a classroom located in the bungalows behind the library. If the last two digits of the class number is greater than or equal to 50, your classroom will be located on the second floor (ex: Rm# 954 is located on the second floor, while Rm 904 is located on the first floor). Restrooms are located at each of the four "corners" of the quad, as well as in the gym, 700 building, 800 building, 900 building, and bungalow lots. Handwashing stations will also be available throughout campus.

ASB students will be present on campus, ready to help you out! If you have questions or need help locating your class, reach out to any member wearing a white ASB Jersey for help. If you would like to meet us, click this link to read more!

ClearPass “Cheat Sheet”

Here is the link to access the ClearPass website. Dr. Lawson recommends that students save the ClearPass website on their home screen as a “favorite” so you can easily access it daily.

Before entering each of your classes (periods 1, 2 and 3), you will need to show the green “You are safe to go to school” ClearPass message . The reason for this is that some students may not have a period 1, may not have a period 2, or may arrive to school late. Checking before each class ensures students are safe to be on campus regardless of what time you arrived at school. Please make sure you complete this pass each day, as teachers will be checking to see if you completed it on the current day you attend class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at srhsasbtech@gmail.com