Congrats to our outstanding teachers!

This month, five of our amazing SRHS teachers are retiring. Congratulations to Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs. King and Mrs. Stock!

Their last day will be this Friday, December 18th. Our new staff will be starting this Monday, December 14th so they will have a one week overlap with our retiring staff. This one-week overlap will help with the transition.

Welcome to our new teachers! See below for our new staff:

Sara Wang – for Mrs. Weber’s classes.

Amy Blatchley – for Mrs. Stock’s classes.

Kathleen Parris – for Mrs. Sheldon’s classes.

Jennifer Lacson – for Mrs. Ortega’s classes.

A new teacher has not been hired for Mrs. King’s classes. We are still working with HR to hire someone ASAP.

Our new teachers will go to class this week to introduce themselves to students.

Thank you to our teachers and welcome new staff!


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