CCAP College Classes

Below is an announcement from SRHS Counselors regarding college classes for the next school year:

*This message only applies to Juniors and Seniors who will be taking a CCAP College Course through Scripps Ranch High School.

Dear CCAP Students,

This year, all CCAP college classes will be offered online asynchronously, this will allow students to view instructional materials each day at a time that is best for them. Teachers will offer office hours for support in all CCAP classes. If you are not comfortable with asynchronous learning and need live instruction from a teacher, you can request a schedule change. Please make sure to complete the Fall 2021 Course Concerns Form. The form will be available during Kick-off on the SRHS Counseling website. Please remember that your college transcript begins as soon as you take a community college class.

Important Note: During periods 1-6, you will see a placeholder class titled “CCAP LAB” since college courses are listed under Periods 8 and 9. You do not attend school during this time. There is no attendance taken and there is no grade awarded. This is in place of leaving a hole in periods 1-6.

Warm Regards,

SRHS Counseling





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