Attention Seniors!

Grad Speakers and Singers

If you are interested in being a graduation speaker or singer, please see the information

below. You must be in good standing: academics, citizenship, and attendance.


National Anthem

If you are interested in performing the National Anthem at Graduation, please sign-up

by emailing Mrs. Kish at between April 5 – April 21.

Auditions will be held on April 23 via Zoom.

If you have a conflict with that date you must contact Ms. Morrill or Ms. McDonald by

April 21 to schedule a different date. Please be sure you have the lyrics memorized!



Graduation speeches are due between April 5 and midnight on April 21. Submit your

speech to

After submitting your speech, Mrs. Kish will email you to schedule a time to present your

speech on April 26.

April 26: You will present your speech to the best of your ability (know your speech). If

you get a “call-back”, you will be asked to present your speech again on April 29.

Speech Guidelines

Maximum time is 2 minutes 30 seconds. Content: Be sure to speak to your entire class

and to include them. Avoid personalizing and naming specific people including staff.



Leslie McDonald:

Jane Morrill:


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