About ASB

Welcome to our ASB page! Scroll through to learn more about what we do at Scripps and to meet us personally! 


What is ASB? 

We are a group of student leaders who are responsible for representing SRHS students and organizing student activities throughout the year! Our class is composed of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students, and we all work together to create fun school events for everyone. 

What does ASB do? 

ASB works with SRHS Parents and Staff to create memorable experiences for our students. We integrate your suggestions into our plans, such as homecoming, rallies, spirit days, fundraisers, and more! As a Falcon Family, we support all students and work to keep you informed about important updates around campus.


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Meet Us!

ASB Executives

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

ASB Committees

Commissioner Of Publicity
Amanda Sebastian
“This is my second year of ASB as well as my second year being Commissioner of Publicity! I’m excited to continue keeping you all updated on everything ASB!”
Co-Commissioner Of Athletics
Nick Gardinera
“I love being the Commissioner of Athletics because as an athlete, I want to do everything possible to make athletics at our school the best they can be.”
Co-Commissioner Of Athletics
Lina Preclaro
"My position plans all activities related to athletics, normally we would be able to plan things like throwball and the cage for football, but currently we cannot. I love my committee because it is a great way to stay involved with not only the school but staying involved with all the sports.”
Commissioner of Academics
Brynne Baird
“I’m excited to recognize and reward students for all their hard work!”
Co-Commissioner of Elections
Alanna Reyes
“In elections we organize homecoming and prom court, as well as any school elections or voting events. I like it because we get to hear input directly from the student body, and I love working with my co-commissioner Amber, since we are both super similar and organized!”
Co-Commissioner of Elections
Amber Skiles
“I am so excited to be Co-commissioner of elections this year and I can’t wait to work with my other Co. Alanna. I am looking forward to having a great year!”
Co-Commissioner of Spirit
Roy Shalev
“As spirit commissioner I love to interact with students and make people laugh. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. " ”
Co-Commissioner of Spirit
Nasiah Burns
"I like being a part of the ASB Spirit team because everyone is very chill, supportive and encouraging! We all come up with great ideas and positive feedback. I like that I can share my ideas with everyone and not have to feel uncomfortable.”
Co-Commissioner of Spirit
Aaliyah McCormick
“I like my position, because it allows me to be. What I mean by that is I can truly be my fun and bubbly self without getting judged.”
Co-Commissioner Of Outreach
Anya YuSwanson
“I like being Co-commissioner of outreach because I get to organize different events and be an active member in our school!”
Co-Commissioner Of Outreach
Lexi Delorrell
“I like being co-commissioner of outreach because of all the different ways I am able to see Scripps kids help our community.”
Commissioner of Finance
Izzy Hall
“As commissioner of finance, I help organize and record all purchases and budgets throughout the year. I love having a job that supports all the other committees in ASB.”
Co-Commissioner of SCC
Jessica Arcos
“Something fun I get to do as part of SCC is creating and giving all the birthday cards to you guys! I really like my position because I get to be a part of creating fun things for students.”
Co-Commissioner of SCC
Nathan Swift
“We raise the mental health and emotions of our peers. We help boost happiness and make sure that everyone feels welcomed.”
Co-Commissioner of SCC
Michael Khvat
“As an SCC member, I am happy to get to interact with a lot of members and I am able to work on various projects. The work is very beneficial for the school, so I am very happy to improve the conditions of our campus.”
Commissioner of Clubs/Organizations
Snya Bascom
“I like my position because I’m able to connect with new groups of people!”
Commissioner of Environment
Ben Snyder
"As Environment, I work to make SRHS look good. I like my position because I get to promote a better campus, greener in more ways than just environmentally friendly.”
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Co-Commissioner Of Outreach

Anya YuSwanson “I like being Co-commissioner of outreach because I get to organize different events and be an active member in our school!”